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GINA'S TAKE: Journalism Dreams

Since I can remember I wanted to be on tv. I didn’t know in what capacity, but I knew that it was where I was meant to be. Like most childhood dreams it was just that, a dream. However, that dream lead me .... years later to this podcast. Our time together as News Broads is extremely fulfilling. We passionately brainstorm stories, guests, and general thoughts for hours. One of our first sessions Judy, Lynne, and our producer

David were reminiscing about the good ole days when the Fairness Doctrine left no room for error or opinion. Huh. The Fairness Doctrine.  I remember learning about it in college and hadn’t thought of it much since. At the risk of making myself sound dumb .... or worse yet, young, I carefully asked them to tell me more. I wasn’t interested in the definition, but what it meant on a day to day basis in their work day. This eventually led us to asking Jeff Greenfield about media’s past and future. I’m still wondering if I were to be starting my career choice in this current media climate .... would I have still chosen it?  

By Gina Cirrito

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