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GINA'S TAKE: Language

Having children is as incredible and exhausting as we Moms claim it is. There are challenges around every corner, some you expect and some surprise you. When my oldest was little we would have interesting conversation around cloud shapes and PBS kids shows, but as he has grown so have the topics. His questions about social justice and American history floors me as I have to remind myself that he is not just wanting answers, but wanting to engage in conversation and I can’t always tell him stories through rose colored glasses. It was hard when he had to learn what the p-word was because a Presidential candidate used it or why the candidates were references their hand size during a debate. Most recently, words such as lynching were terms he thought as only something learned about in school,not relevant to something going on to a President today.  Words and history are not something to be used without consideration for all who hear them, especially our youth.

By Gina Cirrito

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